Nurturing the Next Generation: The Critical Role of Allyship and Understanding
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Nurturing the Next Generation: The Critical Role of Allyship and Understanding

by David Annis on Nov 17, 2023

Dear Fellow Parents, Care Givers, and Community Members,

I write to you not just as a parent but as a witness and participant in a crucial journey of understanding and growth. I am the father of a preteen transgender boy who, from his earliest days, knew and bravely communicated his true self to the world. His journey, and our family’s journey, has profoundly reshaped my understanding of what it means to be a parent, an ally, and a member of our community.

I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood, bordered by affluence, where prevailing attitudes towards identity and self-expression were often narrow and unyielding. Today, I am raising my family in that same community. Here, I witness firsthand how the rigid expectations and norms of adults can stifle the innate curiosity and self-trust in children, including my son.

Why am I an LGBT ally? Because I have seen the pure, unfiltered curiosity and openness in my child and his peers. They begin life eager to explore, to understand, to express who they are without fear or reservation. Yet, over time, I have observed how these vibrant traits can be dulled, eroded by interactions with adults and societal systems that seek to mold them into predefined, restrictive roles.

As parents and adults in their lives, we wield immense influence - the power to either nurture their natural curiosity and self-identity or to impose upon them a conformity that aligns with outdated, often discriminatory perspectives. The question we must ask ourselves is: Why would we choose to limit the immense potential and positive impact these children could have on our world?

Curiosity is not just a personal virtue; it is a societal necessity. It is the foundation upon which a progressive, forward-thinking society is built. By nurturing this trait in our children, we are investing in a future rich with possibilities, advancements, and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

The advancements in business, finance, healthcare, and technology that we witness today are rooted in the curiosity of individuals who dared to think differently, to challenge conventional wisdom, and to imagine new possibilities. What kind of future are we shaping if we teach our children never to question authority? If we encourage them to ignore their authentic selves and follow outdated ideas blindly?

As a father watching my son navigate his path with courage and authenticity, I urge you to do what you can to create a nurturing environment for all our children. An environment where a ‘pride ally shirt’ symbolizes not just acceptance but also a commitment to fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation.

We must choose to be the adults who inspire questioning, who promote exploration, and who celebrate the diverse perspectives and identities each child brings. Our role is not just to protect and guide but also to encourage the curiosity that drives societal advancement.

Our children are not merely the future; they are active contributors to the present. They bring insights and perspectives that have the potential to drive us towards a more inclusive, empathetic, and innovative society. Let's embrace this opportunity to learn from them, to grow with them, and to build a future where every child feels empowered to contribute their unique ideas and talents.

If we care about the future, we need to commit to fostering a world where curiosity is celebrated, where diversity is embraced, and where every child feels valued for who they truly are and for the potential they hold.

In solidarity and with a vision for a curious, progressive future,





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